About us

Evado specializes in business development through digital transformation. Founded in 2001 in the north of Sweden, Evado has products that are unique of their kind. Our mission is to simplify and streamline our customers’ internal and external communications.

We love to help companies in transition. Evado has a strong and competent team of senior business development consultants ready to take on management’s requirements and preferences.

Rickard Hellgren, CEO at Evado, says that ”future enterprise management and organizations will need to make quick decisions. This requires access to the right information at the right time. Future employees will have greater need for fast and mobile services. That’s why our costumers need the Evado Mobile Core framework.

Our mission

Evado’s mission is to simplify and streamline our customers’ internal and external communications.

Our offer

Evado offers mobile solutions and business development for enterprises and companies.

Evado Mobile Core

Evado Mobile Core

Evado Mobile Core (EMC) is a Mobile Hybrid Framework with Mobile Backend as a Service with a modular architecture. Modules are constantly being developed and new modules are offered to our enterprise customers. Today EMC apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and VR platforms.

The content of EMC apps can be administered using a web interface in the cloud. Supported content types include responsive web, HTML5, web apps, native apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and location based services.

With EMC, you get a flexible framework for your mobile computing environment.

Contact: rickard.hellgren@evado.se



Cure chronic neck pain with virtual reality!

RecoVR is a rehabilitation tool that helps patients rehabilitate whiplash injuries. RecoVR opens up the possibilities to cure the damage of whiplash in a relaxing and stimulating environment, at home or at the clinic. RecoVR is a lightweight tool that is easy to bring and sends real-time data to your doctor who can monitor the rehabilitation without physically be in contact with the patient. A real time and cost saver for the healthcare and motivating exercises in stimulating environments for the patient!

Contact: emil.lilja@evado.se

Arbetsorder - efficiency & control

Arbetsorder - efficiency & control

Simplify work days for both supervisors and employees in the field with Evado Arbetsorder, a mobile tool which streamlines your assignments and speed up your payment flow. With Evado Arbetsorder – Work order management for field staff, you’ll save both time and money.

Advantages with Arbetsorder:

  • All you need in your mobile device
  • Control – What is done?
  • Better workflow
  • Nothing goes unattended
  • Opportunity for follow-up, measurement, reports and statistics
  • Better for the customer – followup, notifications
  • Less travel time, better planning
  • Information about required equipment for each task

Contact: jan.vikberg@evado.se





Evado offers consulting services within the following areas:

  • Procurement
  • Digitalization
  • Digital transformation
  • Business development
  • Infrastructure & telecom
  • Mobile solutions

Contact: hakan.olsson@evado.se